Welcome to the Flat Earth Awards

Remember when scientists were attacked for believing that the earth was round? That same denial of scientific fact is now plaguing the world’s understanding of global warming.
The Flat Earth Award was created as a humorous effort to highlight the denial of global warming by prominent public figures. Despite an overwhelming scientific consensus that human-induced carbon dioxide emissions are altering the global climate, some deniers remain. They are trying to convince the public and our government that a massive peer-reviewed international research project conducted by thousands of scientific researchers is bogus!
The nominees for the inaugural Flat Earth Award, Michael Crichton, Rush Limbaugh and Fred Singer, are influential flat-earth style global warming naysayers who have used their writing and media presence to try to sway the public.
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Who do you think is the flat-earther of global warming? Vote Now!

It’s up to you to vote for the Flat Earth Award! Click on photos for nominee information:
Why do you care about the Climate Crisis? (optional):

Why do we care about the Climate Crisis?

  • A voter for Crichton writes: I care because it is a matter of life and death for every creature on the planet.
  • A voter for Limbaugh writes: Why doesn’t everyone else?
  • A voter for Crichton writes: because we can’t escape what happens. what we do to the Earth will stay with us and change the rest of our (and every other creature’s) lives. We’re changing everything, from species assemblages to climate patterns; humanity is the sole creature to do this, and we have a responsibility to the Earth to ensure our actions do not have negative repercussions throughout the environment.

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