Announcing the flat earth award!

Welcome to the first annual Flat Earth Award blog. This site is designed to highlight, in a humorous way, the organized effort to discredit the strong scientific consensus that the human-induced global warming is real, and that it is here, now. Over the last decade, a small group of naysayers– few of whom are active climate research scientists– have convinced the public that the scientific community is divided over the reality of human-induced global warming.

In fact, climate scientists are divided on global warming the same way that Americans are divided on whether Ralph Nader ought to be president!

My name is Eban Goodstein, and I am the Exectutive Director of the Green House Network, the group that sponors the award. First, thanks to the team of college students who ran with the idea, and did all the hard work: Makely Lyon, John Hanley, Minna Brown and Scott Bulua. Welcome to the blog.

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