Michael Crichton Loses Flat Earth Award Race


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Michael Crichton Loses Flat Earth Award Race
Prize scooped by veteran climate change naysayer Fred Singer

Portland, OR– In spite of an early strong showing, novelist Michael Crichton failed to capture this year’s Flat Earth Award (http://www.flatearthaward.org), instead losing out to long-time chief advocate for the “global warming is a hoax” camp, Fred Singer.

The “Jurassic Park” author was thought to be the runaway favorite for this year’s award, created by students at Middlebury and Lewis & Clark Colleges to highlight the denial of global warming by prominent public figures. Based on the strength of his best-selling novel “State of Fear”, Crichton took an early lead in the voting. Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh then surged ahead. But Singer, was not to be shut out. Apparently operating under the theory that any publicity is good publicity, last month, Singer began actively campaigning for the title of Flat Earther of the year.

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